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Why buy a

Small Business

PC-Based Standalone Budget
Locally Built and Supported YES YES No No No
H.264 Technology YES YES Maybe Maybe No
Digital IP / Analog Hybrid YES YES Maybe No No
Modular YES YES Yes No No
Customizable YES YES Maybe No No
Upgradable YES YES Maybe No No
Professional Grade YES YES Maybe Maybe No
Warranty 1 Year 3 Years 1 year 1-3 years 30-90 days
Product Features
Feature Enterprise Professional Small Business Standalone
Compression H.264 H.264 H.264 H.264
Alarm Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote Client Software Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web-Based Client Yes Yes Yes Limited
Remote Configuration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mouse-driven Interface Yes Yes Yes Yes
USB Backup Yes Yes Yes Yes
CD/DVD Backup Yes Yes Yes No
Remote Assistance Yes Yes Yes Limited
Scalable/Upgradeable Yes Yes Yes No
Health monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fully Repairable on-site Yes Yes Yes No
Native DDNS Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dual Monitor Yes Yes No No
Spot Monitor Outputs Up to 8 Up To 8 None 1
Hybrid Analog and IP Yes Yes Yes No
Form Factor PC Based PC Based PC Based Standalone
Wireless Internet Option Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wireless Desktop Yes Yes Yes IR Remote
Remote Console Yes Yes Yes Yes
Storage per Channel 125Gb 125Gb 62.5Gb 62.5Gb
Max Storage Per Unit 20 TB 20 TB 4TB 2TB
Warranty (Parts/Labor) 3Year/90day 3Year/90day 1 Year/30day 1Year/30day
Rackmountable Yes Yes No 8 & 16ch Only
Max Channels Per Unit 64 64 32 16
Camera Type (Analog / Digital) Hybrid (48/32) Hybrid (48/32) Hybrid (16/16) Analog (16/0)
Enterprise-level Management tools Yes No No No