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Wireless Internet Upgrade

Have a wireless network? No problem! This simple upgrade will allow you to network your DVR to your wireless connection without the need for additional cabling.
Alarm System Integration

The SAFE-N-SECURE DVR can already host your alarm software. Why not take it one step further and make your DVR an integral part of your alarm system with our alarm mainframe upgrade. This simple box will allow your alarm system to control when your cameras record or allow your cameras to talk to your alarm panel when motion is detected.
Cash Register Interface

The SAFE-N-SECURE DVR can be more than just an eye in the sky with this upgrade. Watch each transaction as it happens and see exactly what your cashiers are ringing up – or what they aren't.
Matrix Card

This add-on will allow you to set up and manage multiple monitors for your security office. You can dynamically change each display to view different cameras at one time. Each card can handle up to 2-4 monitors.
Remote DVR

This add-on will allow you to set up and centrally record remote locations over the network or Internet. With the on-board hard drive, your employees at your remote location can use it as a standalone DVR as well!
Remote Main Console

Allow full access to your DVR system up to 100' away while keeping the main unit behind closed doors. Perfect for maintaining access to the main DVR when the unit itself is not always accessible.
Health Monitoring Service

This service allows us to monitor the status of your DVR and related cameras to provide proactive technical support. If the DVR goes down, we will be notified and can provide assistance via phone, Internet, or onsite.