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SAFE-N-SECURE offers custom built, high-quality, PC-Based DVRs. These DVRs offer several advantages over other systems.
  • Locally Built. This means competitive pricing, faster response times and support of your local economy. Because we build them ourselves, we adhere to higher quality standards. If something does go wrong, repairs can be dispatched faster which means you will have less downtime.
  • Locally-based World-class Support. No longer will you have to call halfway around the world or even across the country to get support. With free software updates available for the life of the DVR; on-site, phone, website, and e-mail support; and built-in remote assistance, your support options are virtually unlimited.
  • Proven, Cutting Edge Technology. Using the latest analog and digital IP video compression technology means you can not only store more high quality video in less space but also stream higher quality video to remote sites.
  • Modular. Modular design means replacing parts rather than an entire unit if something goes wrong. This can reduce downtime by as much as 90%.
  • Scalable  and  Customizable.  We build our DVRHVR with industry-leading technology and class-leading features. In fact, our DVRs are built with the highest quality components and 2-4 times the storage of other DVRs and HVRs. We can also build your DVR to fit your security needs exactly.
  • Upgradeable. Need more capabilities? With a scalable and modular design it is easy to add to your DVR/HVR without the need to replace the entire unit.
  • Professional Grade. While we offer our Small Business DVR/HVR and H.264 Standalone, our Professional versions offer even more capabilities to suit any security environment.
  • Green. We recycle 95% of the packaging and waste materials produced in the manufacturing process.